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  1. My name is Tony Collins and I represent Dunvant Horticultural Society in Swansea. I am looking to get speakers for our society for 2020. Would you be interested? If so, then you can contact me by email : or ring me on 01792/299044 / 07847148675 stating what you would be prepared to give the talk on and the cost of the talk. We have our talks on the second Tuesday of every month starting at 7:30pm until about 9pm with a half hour break at about 8:15pm for drinks and a raffle draw. We have an audience of about 80 members.

  2. Adam, if you still have your American pick up or any US vehicle appropriate to the early 1940s could you contact us please re possible filming. The phone number we have is incorrect. Norman (and (Dorothy) – 01663 751057 and 0771 475 0508 or e.mail with a contact number and we will ring you. N

    • Hi Norman, Sadly I don’t have the pick-up any more. I do have a 1966 Mustang convertible if you want to add this to your datat base. Thanks

  3. Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for your recent talk in Carmarthen. I found it very interesting and inspiring.Haven’t got too much of a veg plot but it’s going to be full of the seeds you offered us. …have already sown the Tomato Tom Thumb in my hreenhouse, is it too early to sow the Syrian cucumber?Many thanks x

    • Hi Fanny, now is a good time to start those cucumbers. I chitted some seed a few days ago and potted them up yesterday! Enjoy and do let me know what you think.

      Good gardening and I am glad you enjoyed the talk.

      Best wishes

  4. Hi Adam, I think am too late, but if you have any available I am very interested in the Syrian Cucumber
    Syrian COURGETTE

    Many Thanks


  5. Hello Adam, I am growing some Robinson peas this year that you kindly sent me. My neighbour has some spare ground for me to use and thinks we should grow them in a box first before planting out. When should we sow the seed and do you think the box idea is good or just straight into the ground? We’re in Somerset so quite mild here though boggy after all the rain.
    Thanks for your help

  6. Hi Adam, I bought some Zurich Snap beans from you, probably last year or even the year before, but I can’t remember whether they are climbers or short? They’re coming up well and I need to find a spot for them. Jane from Bream Gardening Soc 🙂

  7. Hi Adam, thanks for the seeds and quality envelope. Nice to see someone else use a fountain pen – felt like a high quality letter, and I look forward to planting the peas and beans. Best wishes,

  8. I’ve only just discovered your website, which makes fascinating reading. I have a smallish veg plot and am about to take delivery of a polytunnel to add to my growing opportunities.
    If you still have seeds available, I’d be interested in the following
    Trionfo Violetta or Zurich Snap for my raised beds
    Ukraine capsicum, Burmese Sour tomato and Nello’s plum tomato to christen the polytunnel.

    • Hi Richard,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. I have the seeds you want. If you can PayPal a donation of £6.50 and let me have your address I shall mail ASAP.

      Enjoy your polytunnel. I couldn’t live without mi9ne!


  9. Hi Adam, I am a seed guardian for HSL. I grew pea Born Mangetout for several years and found I could grow them outside over winter for an early crop. Unfortunately I lost them to mice. I have tried to get them from HSL, but each year they are ‘out of stock’ although in the catalogue. Can you let me have any? I would pay but I also have a tomato which I call Krol after the Polish woman I got them from, who unfortunately passed away. I don’t know their provenance but they are a small plum, very reliable and fast growing, ripening 5 trusses outside. ( I live near the south coast).

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