Peas and Mange Tout

Growing peas is easy and the results are delicious; from overwintered early crops to tall and tasty summer varieties, they are a wonderful addition to any kitchen garden

Feltham First is an early pea that grows well under cloches through the winter cropping in early June.  The peas do require support and it is necessary to remove the cloches in March and allow the peas to grow up through wire netting or pea sticks.

Feltham First sown in late October getting a breath of fresh air in late February

I like to construct supports for tall peas varieties using pea netting stretched between a bamboo frame. By early June tall varieties should be growing vigorously up their supports.

Purple mange-tout that will grow to 1.8 metres

Robinson peas that will grow to 2 metres

Robinson peas behind Canadian Purple Broad beans

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