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Sunday, 4 March 2007

OK, so I wish I had a bloody arc with this weather but yesterday I did a couple of other things not planned. Firstly I sowed some radish, spinach and also early beetroot under the cloche that was sown with parsnip. the reason being that parsnips are very slow growing and so a ‘catch-crop’ of fast veggies like radishes and spinach can be sown close to the parsnip – just 6 inches apart in fact – because they will be out and eaten long before the parsnips want their space. I also sowed in the propagator self-blanching celery and celeriac.…

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My first message to y’all

Wednesday, 28 February 2007 I HAVE BEEN ASKED BY SOME TO DO A VEG BLOG SO HERE GOES I should have started sowing seeds last weekend but only got the propagator in my new (Gabriel Ashe), greenhouse working by dusk on Sunday. So tomorrow I am going to be a very busy bunny. There are two main tasks. The first is to prepare a bed for my first early potatoes. The variety I grow is called Advent. They are waxy and very fast growing. They tend to get very big if you leave them in the ground too long which…

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Dear fellow veggie growers

Just a quickie as I have had a productive morning on the allotment. Firstly, the idea of planting potatoes through black poly is that you do not need to earth them up. If the poly is very dense you can put the tubers just below the surface using a dibber. I use cheap thin poly which is slightly opaque so put my tubers about six inches below the surface through holes cut in the poly every 12 inches. Maker a 4” cross with a knife and plant through the plastic. The ground must be moist but not water-logged when you…

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