I do not sell seed so everything on this list is free.  However, I do most respectfully ask for a donation of £1 for each envelope they come in to help towards the costs I incur in my seed-saving endeavours.  Please email me with your request as supplies run low very quickly.  Once I confirm please send an SAE  (A large second class stamp on a padded A5 envelope is ideal) and the cost of the envelopes either in the form of stamps, as cash or you can pay using PayPal using  my email


HSIPAW – seed harvested 2020. I discovered this heirloom in a seed shop in the town of Hsipaw in Shan state Myanmar.  The owner, herself a keen horticulturalist, had a small box of seed that she had not grown for several years.  She was going to throw them way because nobody wanted to grow them anymore and she thought they were too old.  I took them home and managed to get enough to germinate to yield a useful crop.  They are an excellent over-wintering variety that flower very early.  From a November sowing I have harvested beans in mid May.  I fear this variety is now lost from cultivation in Myanmar. SYRIA SMALL – seed harvested 2020. This is a variety of bean that is often eaten when very young as a whole bean.  I found it in a market in Damascus in 2011 when travelling in Syria at the start of the civil war. Young boys would sell fresh bean from great mounds they pushed around on casts through the streets of the old city.  Equally delicious as a shelled bean. A genuine Syrian heritage variety.


KING OF THE EARLY – seed harvested 2020.  A tasty Canadian heritage variety that gives a good crop from an early sowing with protection.

BLUE JAY – see harvested 2020.  A heavy-cropping Canadian heritage variety with attractive, speckle purple and green slender pods.  Very nice eating. Does well from an early sowing under cloches and in containers.


TRIONFO VIOLETTO -seed harvested 2020.  A fine Italian commercial variety that yields a heavy crop of very long purple pods.  Delicious and very attractive in the flower border too.ZURICH SNAP – seed harvested 2018 – A heavy cropping Swiss heirloom from Pro-Specie Rara and grown by my son in Switzerland.  Long mottled pods of delicious beans in profusion over a long season.  Best eaten fresh.  Highly recommended.


BRECON BLACK – seed harvested 2017.  OUT OF STOCK A Welsh heirloom that has come to me via the Irish Seed Savers organisation.  I have grown this variety for wider cultivation in Wales.  It was grown in the gardens of St. Fagans outside Cardiff and will be grown in 2019 at Aberglasney gardens in West Wales.  Tender pods when harvested young. Shows some variability in length but needs to be more widely grown and enjoyed, especially in Wales.

RHONDDA BLACKOUT OF STOCK A very fine competition bean that was bred by Alan Pickton living in the Rhondda Valley from a sport of Enorma more than fifty years ago.  As well as being very long it is also very tasty.


DOUCE PROVENCE – seed harvested 2020.  A heavy-cropping early pea that over-winters very well, especially with some cloche protection. This commercial variety is available through many seed companies.  I have surplus seed this year which is why they are on the list. I grow them in a polytunnel, starting harvesting in May from an October sowing.   Can be picked over many weeks.  Plants can grow to 1.2 metres and need support.

JAUNE DE MADRAS mange-tout  OUT OF STCOK – seed harvested 2020 as glorious in the flower border as it is on the plate – if you can get them into the kitchen before eating them all!  A 19th century French heritage variety that was claimed to come from India although there is no evidence that I can find to support this.  Synonymous with the recently re-introduced Golden Sweet mange-tout which was bred in America.  Documentary evidence suggests the Americans wrongly claimed there pea came first.  Ah, the duplicity of pea-breeders from those times!

HANGMAN’S DOOR – seed saved 2019 – OUT OF STOCK I cannot recall how I acquired this pea.  If you gave it to me please let me know!  There is no record of it in the national lists or old catalogues and the name is inexplicable.  A tall pea, pretty flowers and purple pods.  Similar in many ways to other purple-podded peas but quite unique.

KAPUZINERÆT BLAUWSCHOKKER OUT OF STOCK – Seed harvested 2019.  This is a Danish heirloom drying pea.  very pretty flowers and lovely dark purple pods yielding dark mottled seed.  If you like using dry peas in the kitchen you will like this pea, which makes an excellent hummus.


PIMENTON D’ESPELETTE (C. annuum) seed harvested 2018 – a protected French variety that is used as a condiment in local cuisine.  Easy to grow with heavy crops of large medium spicy fruits which should be dried and then milled for use as course chilli powder or as an alternative to pepper. Great on scrambled eggs and sprinkled on frittata as well as to spice up casseroles and sauces.I cannot imagine my larder without it!pimenton-despelette-ready-for-grinding

SULAWESI (C. annuum) – seed harvest 2017 –  OUT OF STOCK – I found this chilli in a market on the island of Sulawesi in 1990. It grows to 4″ is pencil thin and very hot. Prolific, Early and easy to grow but can be slow to germinate. Sow in gentle heat in early February and transplant when four true leaves have formed. Pot on in May into 10″ pots in greenhouse. Does well in a border and outside in a sheltered sunny spot.

THANLWIN RIVER (C. annuum) seed harvested 2016 – OUT OF STOCK I was given this chilli by a Burmese farmer whose family has grown them for many years on the banks of the Thanlwin river in southern Myanmar.  Does well in the UK with an early start.  Abundant long hot fruits that can be eaten fresh, dried and also ground up for a great chilli powder.


MATHANIA (C. annuum) – seed saved 2019.  OUT OF STOCK This is a famous Rajasthan heritage variety that had been considered extinct due to gene drift from crossing with modern cultivars now grown by farmers.  I found it on a remote farm in the Mathania district of central Rajasthan.  It had been grown by the family for generations and when my guide saw them drying in the sun he burst into tears as he hadn’t seen this fruity, spicy yet not too hot chilli for many years.  Prolific and easy to grow under glass.  Great both fresh and drie d.

MOROCCO (C. annuum) – seed harvested 2016 -Seed first collected in 1997 from a desert oasis in eastern Morocco. Up to 3-inch three-lobbed boxy hot and sweet chilli pepper that turns brilliant red when ripe. Plants grow to 3 feet in height. Does well in a greenhouse border or pots. Best grown under glass but worth trying in a sunny, sheltered spot.moroccan-chili-from-gordon-templeton

UKRAINE (C. annuum) – seed harvested 2018.  This is the first vegetable I ever saved the seed of after discovering it in a market in Donetsk in 1988.  A classic heirloom it had been grown for generations by the family of a little old lady who sold vegetables she grew in her garden. Very tasty and now well adapted to grow in the British climate. Does well outside in a sunny, sheltered spot.  It’s multi-lobed tennis-ball sized fruit are sweet with some heat.

YANGON MARKET (C. chinense) – OUT OF STOCK without doubt this is the hottest chilli I grow.  Discovered in a market in Yangon, this Naga type has a wonderful scaly skin.  Amazingly tough too.  I now grow just one plant which continues to crop well into the New Year with some bottom heat in a cool greenhouse.  The plant in this photo is now four years old.


SYRIA – seed harvested 2019.  This is a classic ‘Lebanese’ type that I have grown on from seed originally discovered in Aleppo in 2011.  The local grower was Future Seeds, but sadly they suffered terribly during the civil war.  Grown to supply Syrian refugees who want a taste of their own country again this is probably the fines cucumber I have ever grown.  eaten whole straight from the plant it is unimpeachable flavoursome; sweet and crunchy.  Possibly derived from a local bred variety, Babylon, this variety has both male and female flowers so I doubt is an F1 hybrid.  It breeds true from saved seed

DEKAH (aka Dekan) – Seed harvested 2015 – I acquired this variety from the HSL and have grown it for some years.  However, the HSL has identified it as a listed variety called Dekan and so it is now no longer being included in their library.  I have plenty of seed of this lovely robust cucumber which grows very well outside  A prolific and tasty short slightly prickled Russian cucumber that I grow under glass in isolation. Long growing season and fairly resistant to botrytis. Early, prolific and very tasty.Dekan harvest and ripening fruit

ZANZIBAR seed harvested 2009 – I found this seed at a market in Zanzibar in 2007. Grown for the first time in 2009 it is a rampant type with very sweet dark green fruit that go brown as they ripen. Well worth growing. Prolific and very tasty.  Makes great gherkins!
ripe Zanzibar cucumber400


OREGON HOMESTEAD SWEETMEAT (C. maxima)– Winter squash – seed harvested 2018 – a large and prolific blue-skinned Hubbard type that will take over wherever you grow it.  Fruits up to 5 kilos if you let them.  Lovely orange flesh, with skin that is easy to peel and the fruits keep well into spring.  An American heirloom bred for the cooler summers of north west USA this squash does very well in our climate.

UCHIKI KURI (C. maxima) – seed saved 2019 – Originally bred in Japan, this is a fine tasting sweet small variety that should be eaten before the end of the year.

TABLE QUEEN (C. pepo) – Acorn squash – seed harvested 2018
A delicious acorn squash up to 1 kilo that keeps well. Orange flesh within dark green skin. Sow 2 or 3 seed on edge into 4″ pots in a propagator at 70 degrees or a sunny windowsill in a warm room from early April. Thin out the weaker seedlings and grow on until May and plant out under large cloches in rich ground leaving plants at least 3 feet apart. Remove cloches in early June when the plants are well established. Stop leader at 3′ and pinch out side shoots at three leaves. Harvest in September.
ripening Table Queen
POMPEON (C. maxima) – Winter squash – seed harvested 2010 – A delicious squash up to 2 kilos that keeps well. Deep orange flesh within dark green skin. Sow 2 or 3 seed on edge into 4″ pots in a propagator at 70 degrees or a sunny windowsill in a warm room from early April. Thin out the weaker seedlings and grow on until May and plant out under large cloches in rich ground leaving plants at least 3 feet apart. Remove cloches in June when the plants are well established. Stop leader at 3′ and pinch out side shoots at three leaves. Harvest in September.

CROWN PRINCE (C. maxima)– seed harvested 2018.  This commercial variety is classed as an F1 hybrid.  However, it is a very genetically stable cultivar and home-saved seed would appear to result in crops that are true to type.  Large, blue fruit that have delicious orange flesh.  Very good keeper.,


BURMESE SOUR TOMATO – seed harvested 2017 – I found this gorgeous tomato in a market in Yangon.  It is called the sour tomato because it is used in Burmese sour cuisine.  In fact it is one of the tastiest tomatoes I know and is delicious eaten thinly sliced, sprinkled with basil, salt and olive oil.

SYRIAN STUFFER – seed harvested 2018 – This tomato is from Future Seeds of Aleppo, which I was able to buy when in Syria in 2011.  The packet shows a fairly ordinary looking regular tomato, but what I have grown is very different.  A semi-determinate variety producing  many clusters of thin-skinned richly aromatic fruit the size of a small grapefruit or large orange.  Very nice sliced in a salad but even better when stuffed.   This is the first year I have grown this cultivar and so I am not sure if it is a hybrid so cannot guarantee that saved seed will come true.  Take a chance!

NELLO’S PLUM – Cordon tomato – seed harvested 2017 OUT OF STOCK -Suitable for greenhouse cultivation. I was given seed of this delicious tomato by a smallholder in Tuscany who was the subject of one of my TV shows. The fruits are large, flavoursome and wonderful to cook with. Also I dry them in a cool oven for an English equivalent of Italian sun-dried tomatoes. Blanche, skin and freeze for use in soups and sauces in the winter. Makes great ketchup! Sow in trays in February in gentle heat and transplant into 3″ pots when four true leaves have formed. Plant in greenhouse border and grow up canes or thread around string. Stop at 7th truss.
Nello's plum

SPECKLED ROMAN – Seed harvested 2017.  OUT OF STOCK This tomato was first given to me by Dave Rees.  A striking colourful large plum tomato which is great sliced in salads and used in cooking. Sow in trays in February in gentle heat and transplant into 3″ pots when four true leaves have formed. Plant in greenhouse border and grow up canes or thread around string. I have been cropping from eight trusses.
Speckled Roman harvest

GRAHAM’S TOMB THUMB -seed saved 2018 – OUT OF STOCK This indeterminate cherry tomato was given to me by Graham from Gabalfa in Cardiff.  He has been growing it for the last twenty years and his neighbour, who first gave him seed, grew it for the previous 30 years so this is a genuine Welsh heirloom tomato.  Thin-skinned and delicious.


A large deep red tomato with shoulders that turn almost black when fully ripe. Bred in the late 1920’s by dentist-turned-plant-breeder Dr Harold Martin from Westtown, Pennsylvania it is a cross between Brown Brandywine and a now extinct US 19th century variety Fejee Improved. Semi-indeterminate


A superb heritage plum tomato, (Corneu means horn in Spanish I believe), originating in South America. Deep red, long fruits which are great for passata, ketchup and all forms of tomato-based sauces. Grows best in a greenhouse. Very good cropper too. Indeterminate


This French ex-commercial variety has golf-ball sized deep orange fruit with complex sweetness and acid balance. Terrific when roasted and also as a dried tomato but equally delicious as a salad tomato too.

70 thoughts on “SEED LIST 2021

  1. Hi would it be possible to get some seeds of the following
    Runner beans- Brecon Black, Rhondda Black and Montacute
    Pea – Robinson
    Chilli – pubescens rocotto and Pimenton D’Espelette
    Cucumber- Syria
    Tomato- Essex wonder – jersey sunrise – victory – nellos plum – Graham Tomb Thumb

    Many thanks


  2. Hi Adam – what a fantastic seed list !
    I wonder when your 2020 list will be available/posted on site?
    I’m especially interested in seed for the Courgette Syria, Pea Robinson, Rays Butter Bean, Chilli Black Cuban & Burmese Sour Tomato ?
    Thanks Lea

    • Hi Lea,

      Glad you find the seed list interesting. I usually try and publish a new seed list at the end of the year. Hopefully I will have most of what you are interested in and some new stuff too!
      Happpy growing

      • Hi Adam
        Love the 2020 seed list – could I request the following:
        Lettuce Bloody Warrior & Mescher, Tomato Burmese Sour & Victory, Cucumber Syria & Dekah, Pea Hangman’s Door and Courgette Syria if possible ?

        • Hi Lea, Happy to oblige. Rather than send me an sae, if you make a donation through PayPal and let me have your address I will post you the seeds. Best wishes, Adam

          • Hi Adam – I have just sent my donation & address. Could I cheekily add Oregon Homestead Sweetmeat to the request? Not a problem if they aren’t available though. Thank you so much for making such rare seeds available! Lea

          • Hi Adam – Seeds very gratefully received today thank you so much !! I’m really looking forward to growing them next year and saving the seeds to share with other plotholders. Thanks for the Garden Organic & HSL info, I joined in the summer, and can’t wait to place my first seed request on Monday ????.
            Thanks again Lea

  3. Aloha Adam,

    I have a orange pepper that looks like a habanero but the seeds inside are red and look like beans. Do you have any idea what these are?


  4. Hi Adam, what a great list! I saw in an old HSL list that you had saved Hutterite Soup Beans. Are you likely to have more in the future? I lost my supply of heritage seeds in a house move 🙁 but would love to grow them again.

    • Dear Barbara,

      I wish I could be of help but I don’t have Hutterite Soup Beans and I cannot recall ever growing them. They are held by the HSL and I have no doubt they will be made available to members ere long! I am sorry not to be of any help and wish you luck in your hunt! Best wishes, Adam

  5. Thanks Adam, so sorry, I think I got the beans mixed up – it was Vermont Cranberry I meant, not Hutterite Soup – Do you still have any of those or should I keep an eye out for your 2020 list?
    Sorry to confuse 😀

    • Hi Barbara, I have Vermont Cranberry. I will publish my seed list at the end of the year or in January so watch this space. Not sure if VC will be in it butI can send you some seeds. Just send an SAE. Do you have my address?

  6. Hi Adam
    Fantastic 2020 seed list. I’ve been looking forward to you posting it for ages. I would love to be able to grow them all !! Would it be possible to have the following seeds
    1. Bloody Warrior Lettuce
    2. Mescher Lettuce
    3. Burmese Sour Tomato
    4. Victory Tomato
    5. Cucumber – Syria
    6. Cucumber – Dekah
    7. Pea – Hangman’s Door
    8. Courgette – Syria

  7. Hello Adam
    If available I would like following seed: Cuban Black, Sulawesi, Thanwin, Moroccan peppers. Also Ragged Jack kale. Happy to make payment by PayPal & could send you some of my saved seed. I have an unusual runner bean which resulted from a cross between a white runner & black French bean. Also a cross between piripiri pepper & unknown yellow father resulting in large early yellow variant of piripiri.
    Cheers, Alex

    • Hi Alex, Very happy to send you some seeds. If you can make a donation using Pay Pal and let me have your address I will post soonest. I am too full of runner beans and your capsicum sounds interesting, but I have so many varieties to grow and test I simply don’t have the capacity for more at the moment. I might well take you up on the seed next year! Thanks, Adam

  8. Hi Adam – not sure if you have a limit on the number we can request but could I have the following seeds if still available :
    Bloody Warrier & Mescher Lettuce, Victory & Burmese Sour Tomato, Syria & Dekah Cucumber, Pea Hangman’s Door and Ciourgette Syria? Many Thanks Lea

  9. Hi Adam, thanks for posting your 2020 list. I would love the following if possible:
    Courgette Syria
    Bean – Zurich snap bean and Brecon Black runner
    Pea – avi Joan and Jaune de madras
    Cucumber Syria
    Squash Pompeon
    Tomato – Burmese sour tomato, Syrian stuffer and Nello’s plum
    Also I couldn’t see lettuce on the 2020 list but if you still happen to still have Bloody Warrior, Mescher, and/or Latuccino lettuce (those would be great also.
    Let me know how much I need to PayPal and thanks again – love reading your articles!

  10. Hi Adam, I am really interested in seeds of the Cucumber Syria and the Tomato Burmese Sour if you still have stocks available please

  11. Hi Adam
    I would love the following seeds from your 2020 list if you still have them available :
    Courgette Syria
    Bean Zurich Snap
    Pea Avi Joan
    Mangetout Jaune de Madras
    Capsicum Morocco
    Many thanks for your great list, Jan

    • Hi Jam,
      Not sure if I have replied, but, yes to seeds. If you make a gift payment with PayPal for £6 and let me have your address, I’ll post them. Otherwise, send me an SAE and a few extra stamps if you can. Merry Christmas, Adam

  12. Hi Adam,
    great to see the 2020 seed list.
    Please could I have

    Syria courgette
    Juane de madras mange tout
    Yangon market chilli
    Syrian stuffer tomato
    please if have stock
    Thank you
    Sue Davies in Oswestry

  13. Hi Adam,

    I’m guessing I’m to late but if you have any available I am very interested in the Syrian Cucumber and Burmese Sour Tomato.

    • Hi Mitch, you are not too late. I have seeds. If you can make a PayPal payment using my email address for £3 and let me have your address I can send you them soonest. Alternatively, send me an SAE.

      Happy New Year,

  14. Hi there,
    Excited to discover your website! Could I ask for some seed please? I have just built a hot-bed and would like to try it out starting some chillies off early. Do ou still have:
    Courgette – Syria
    Tomato – Burmese Sour
    Chillie – Pimenton d’espelette & Black Cuban
    Am I able to pay a total on PayPal rather than sending you a SAE?

  15. Hi Adam,
    just come across the 2020 seed list.
    Is it possible to acquire from you the following Pea seed:
    regards rich

        • Hi Rich,

          You can make a payment using my email address I am not sure if you need an account, but if you don’t have one I think you give a debit card detail to PayPal. You can always send me an SAE and some stamps, but I am awy from Tuesday for 3 weeks so if you want seeds now a speedy envelope is required!

          Best wishes

  16. Adam
    Many years ago I got pea ‘Robinson’ from you. I kept it going for ten or more years but no longer have it. It was my favourite pea and I should like to grow it again. Do you still have it?

  17. Hello Adam – Hope you are well. I am uncertain if you are sending out post because of Covid – 19 and understand if you are unable to.
    I came across your fantastic blog in between my online teaching.
    Please can you let me know if you have any seeds left.
    I am able to pay online if you let me know how much it would be.
    Would be very grateful if you have any of the following:
    Best Wishes Evelyn

    Grahams tomthumb
    Syrian Stuffer
    Dekar cucumber
    Piementon D Espelett
    Avi Joan
    Courgette Syria

  18. Hi Adam, I happen to randomly came across your gem of a seed list. I wonder if I can get from you:

    Peppers – Yangon Market, Mathania
    Cucumbers – Syria, dekah
    Tomato – Burmese sour, Nello’s plum
    Broad bean – Hsipaw

    How much would I owe you? I can pay via paypal.

    • Dear Iris,

      I am so sorry for not getting back sooner. Yes, I have the seeds you want. if you can make a PayPal gift of £9.00 using PayPal and my email address I will post soonest.

      Best wishes

      • No worries! Not like I’m in a hurry to sow these seeds in the middle of December.

        I sent you some money. Hopefully it made it to you ok!

      • Hi Adam,

        Happy new years! I just want to check to see if you’ve received my Paypal transfer in December. I absolutely understand if you can’t send the seeds out right now because of lockdown. I don’t mind waiting.

        • Hi Iris,

          I am so sorry, I had completely forgotten. The money was safely received but from B.E. Gadd. I presume that is you. Please let me have your address and I shall post today.

        • Hi Iris,

          I have checked my records and realise you are not B. Gadd! I see you paid and gave your address on 14th so will post today.

          Best wishes and apologies once again. Call it a senior moment!

          • No worries! Holiday season is always a bit of a brain-blur, even with reduced social contact this year. I didn’t want to nag too much!

            I’ll look forward to your seeds! Can’t wait to get a start on the 2021 growing season.

  19. Hi Adam
    Another fab seed list. Just wanted to say I had great success with your Pompeon squash seeds last season – what a great and prolific variety it is – and also the Nello’s Plum tomatoes were delicious and trouble free.

    If still available I would like some of the following:
    Broad Bean HSIPAW
    Broad Bean SYRIA SMALL
    French Bean BLUE JAY
    French bean KING OF THE EARLY
    Also… if you happen to have seed left of MONTACUTE Runner Bean and /or RAY’S BUTTER BEAN, I would love to try those also, but realise they are earlier seed lists and may noe be out of stock. Let me know how much I should paypal you.
    Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi Barbara,

      Delighted you had such success and enjoyed the crops. Hope you saved some seeds too! I have all the seeds you want. Currently I am not sharing seeds that came originally from the HSL because they need all the seed they can use to give out to their members, so my supply is very low as I have returned most of my surplus. Please can you make a gift of £9 using PayPal and remind me of your address and I will post ASAP.

      Best wishes

  20. Thanks for the speedy response Adam – I have just paypal’d you the £9 😊. I And yes, I did save some seed of the tomatoes and plan to grow Pompeon again but this year and will make sure I isolate the flowers to avoid them crossing this time 😂. All the best and thanks again. (Will email you my postal address)

  21. Hi Adam,
    I realise I am late this year but would love, if you have them still:
    B bean Hsipaw
    Mange tout Jaune de Madras
    Tomato Syrian stuffer
    Cucumber Syria
    Chilli Sulawesi.

    Thanks in advance

  22. Dear Adam
    I stumbled on your site while looking for heirlooms to grow . Would you be able to spare a few JAUNE DE MADRAS mange tout and OREGON HOMESTEAD SWEETMEAT squash? Really like your site… lovely 🙂
    Kindest regards Bruce

  23. Hi Adam
    A bit late, but do you have any Burmese sour tomato seeds left please? I had some last year and really enjoyed them. I didn’t save any seed as I had enough left over – sadly I may have started them too early, as none have germinated. So would love some more please! Happy to pay with PayPal.
    Best wishes


    Ps also really enjoyed the Syrian cucumber. Hoping the seeds I have will still be good!

  24. Hi Adam, what a fantastic heirloom list! gutted i missed out on some welsh seed varieties this year, fingers crossed i catch you next year though! 🙂

    Take care, keep growing. Jen

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  26. Hi Adam, fabulous list you have here. I am big into heirloom and seed saving so would love to get some of your seeds. I am interested in the following if that is possible : HSIPAW, SYRIA SMALL, JAUNE DE MADRAS mange-tout, KAPUZINERÆT BLAUWSCHOKKER, SULAWESI, THANLWIN RIVER, MATHANIA, UKRAINE (C. annuum), YANGON MARKET,. SYRIA Cucumber,. DEKAH (aka Dekan) , ZANZIBAR, BURMESE SOUR TOMATO,. SYRIAN STUFFER , NELLO’S PLUM, SPECKLED ROMAN . Please let me know if you would have some spare and how I can pay/ donate. I love the selection you have. Happy growing 🙂

    • Hi Randa,

      I am glad you like my list. I will be updating it for 2022 in December so there might be some other varieties then. Meanwhile I can let you have everything you have requested. One question? Why so many chillies? If you plan to save seed from them you will need to grow in isolation as they can all cross with each other if grown in close proximity.

      If you can let me have your address (I presume you live in the UK) and make a gift using PayPal of £20 I will post them to you ASAP.

      Many thanks

      • Thank your Adam. My husband has a Paypal account so we will be using his. I will send you an email with details. Thank you for your question a out the chillies. I love chillies 🙂 and the different varieties are hard to come by. I will make sure I grow them in isolation. I am really looking forward to your new list in December. Many thanks again and happy growing. Randa

        • Hi Adam,

          Gift has been made. I have also sent you an email with reference and address. Many thanks again. Looking forward to seeing your list in December.

  27. Hi again Adam, I’d love some Hisipaw – again, as my crop failed this year – and also the Syrian Small broad beans. Do you still offer the Syrian courgette? That was another of my successes with you until the saved seed refused to do anything this year.
    Best wishes, H

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