If you are interested in growing rare, endangered, heritage, heirloom and ex-commercial varieties of vegetables then I would recommend highly you join the national charity Garden Organic and the Heritage Seed Library.  As a member you will have access to their wonderful seed list.  Of course, you can always check out the list of seeds I make available – many of them Heritage Seed Library varieties so feel free to check out the latest seed list on my website.

2 thoughts on “SEED LIST 2019

  1. Hello Adam, my name is Duane Goff and I live in the desert southwest here in the USA and am an avid backyard gardener. I was researching peppers to grow and the peppers from India (the Mathania pepper of Rajasthan) really caught my attention. The more I read though and searched for the seed the more I became anxious and dismayed. Until I came across your wonderful story over I had an inkling about the pepper being close to extinction but had no idea untill I read of your travels there and what process was occurring in this peppers decline. I want to help, to grow out this pepper and help save it. Is there a way to procure its seed, I will gladly pay for its shipment to the USA. Let me know if I can help, kindest regards. Duane Goff

    • Hi Duane, great that you are into your capsicums and know about the Mathania. I am growing some to eat and to save seed this year so will gladly send you seed when I harvest in the fall. I was in SW USA last September meeting native American farmers in NM and Arizona. I was given local Hopi maize and Tepary bean seed by a lovely farmer in the Second Mesa which are now growing here. I have grown both before, but from seed that has come from teh SSE. To have a genuine heirloom from the Hopi Nation is a great privilege. I plan to get back sometime to return seed and to hook up with plant scientists and growers in your neck of the woods.

      I will send you seeds when I have them. All I need is your address and if you can put $5 through PayPal to my email address that will cover the postage.

      Best wishes, Adam

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