Growing cucumbers outside and up north

I'm thinking of trying to grow some cucumbers next year on our allotment. We're in Yorkshire, and don't have a polytunnel.

Is this a good idea?!

Can you recommend any varieties that would improve our chances but still taste good?

2 thoughts on “Growing cucumbers outside and up north

  1. Hi Tim,

    Probably the best bet is to grow something like Muncher or a good old-fashioned variety like Burpless Green Tasty. You can grow them on a ridge and keep them covered with a cloche for as long as possible. I also grow these outside up canes with plenty of success. If you lie, try Boothby’s Blond. I have some seed. sned me an s.a.e. and I’ll send you some. I also have a variety called Dekah which I strongly recommend growing along teh ground under a cloche outside.

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