Burmese Sour tomato (2)
Whilst filming in Myanmar developing a TV project about my work as a seed detective I found this very photogenic tomato in a market in Yangon. My Burmese cameraman Michael Zaw identified it as the Burmese Sour tomato. You can see a short video of me saving tomato seed and discovering this variety in the second half of this YouTube video


The Burmese Sour is something of a delight. It is a local variety and forms part of traditional Burmese cuisine. I am saving seed to share in 2017. The tomato is early, prolific and lovely simply sliced with olive oil and a pinch of salt. My beloved is making spicy tomato and chilli jam with them and lots of passata too.Burmese Sour tomato early August

I have blogged before about Syria and its plant breeding before the war.  Syrian courgettes have a wonderful flavour, crunchy and firm textured.In 2011 I was given some local courgette seed of a variety that has a conical shape.  IMG_3033 Finally I have managed to grow enough to pollinate and harvest my first seed.  I should have plenty to share in 2017, especially with Syrian refugees who want to grow the vegetables of their homeland .  The mature fruits are 50cms long and I have at least eight of these still to harvest!Syrian courgette ripe with seedSyrian Courgette seed

I would love to receive Syrian and Burmese recipes using these veggies please.


  1. Hi Adam
    That’s one fabulous seed list Adam – i’d love to grow them all !!
    I’ve tried sending you a seed request a couple of times over the last few days but it doesn’t seem to be sending it from my phone via twitter and I can’t direct msg you so I hope it works this time.
    Please could I request the following seeds:
    Lettuce Bloody Warrior & Mescher. Tomato Burmese Sour & Victory. Cucumber Syria & Dekah. Pea Hangman’s Door and Courgette Syria?
    Many Thanks

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