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I am the Programme Sec. of Newent Garden Club. Do you give talks to garden clubs? Angela Danby May 24, 2010

hello adam..just wanted to say that i think your web and videos are great. I’m sure the Americans woul dlove it!! all the best, rebecca rebecca weissbort May 08, 2010

Hi Adam, Sam here, how do I get rid of slugs and snails. They’re munching at my broad beans! Sam Smith Posted May 07, 2010

Hi Adam, Thank you re Citrus leaves, what about the halves of squeezed oranges or lemons from the kitchen…is that the same thing with the polythene bag idea? Thank you, Love, Mel Apr 06, 2010 Melanie Anstey

Great site Adam – very encouraging for me grappling with a new garden! How about some appropriate music for the site? x …sue Sue Runyard Apr 05, 2010

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