3 thoughts on “2021 SEED LIST OUT NOW

  1. Hi , Have you got any seeds left? I am in Herefordshire too and wanted to try and get hold of some local heirloom seeds and found your website.

    I’m interested in:
    Welsh heirloom runner beans (both types)
    Kapuzineraet Blauwschokker Peas
    Oregon Homestead Squash
    Table Queen Squash

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,

      I have what you want and would love to let you have some seed. If you can make a gift using PayPal for £7 and let me have your address I’ll ost them soonest.

      Best wishes and I am glad you found me.

  2. Hi Adam ,
    I greatly enjoyed your talk last Thursday with AOG, thank you and am really keen to get some seed for the Syrian cucumbers you talked about, but cannot find an address to send a stamped addressed envelope to!, would be happy to pay via PayPal.
    With thanks
    Stephen Markwick

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