You can find the latest video about my work as a seed detective here:

I am developing a project called The Seed Detective and I have a YouTube channel with a promo and other videos about my work here:

I hope you might find this library of short films on everything you need to know about preparing ground, sowing and planting crops and keeping a productive vegetable garden enjoyable and helpful.

My first video- Growing Early Potatoes

Sowing broad beans in late January for an early crop

Sowing peppers and chillies

Sowing tomatoes

Sowing onion seed

Sowing brassicas for an early crop

The greenhouse propagator and seed bank

My polytunnel in winter

Planting summer fruiting Raspberry canes in spring

Sowing main crop peas

The Allotment in early May: A quick guided tour

Sowing Runner beans

Growing sweet corn outside

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